We believe it is about time to challenge traditional boating. It is time for zero emission. It is time for applying new technology. It is time to reinvent boating. 

And here are the people doing it...

Petter Mørland Pedersen

CEO & Founder

Former Olympic sailor with a huge passion for sailing, technology and business. Petter holds an engineering degree and has seven years of experience from Aker Solutions as Lead Engineer, Tender Manager and Business Development Specialist.

Joachim Falck Brodin

Head of R&D

A passionate foiler, kiter and craftsman holding a MSc in Physics and is currently working on his PhD.

Guttorm Osborg


Holds a MSc in Cybernetics and has extensive experience in programming, control system engineering, and general technology development from various industries.

Lars Bay

Business Development

Holds a MSc in Industrial Design. More than a decade of experience from the Aker ASA system in both technical and commercial positions, most recently as Director of Business Development in Aize. 

Paolo Motta

Hydrofoil Software Specialist

Aeronautical engineer with vast experience from hydrofoil development and performance prediction from the America’s Cup.

Olav Kjetil Opheim

High Speed Vessel Specialist

Holds a MSc in Marine Hydrodynamics and has extensive experience with hydrofoil technology and high-speed vessels.

Peter Devenyi

Software Developer

Holds a MSc in Robotics. Expertise in coding simulators and control systems with a pinch of experience in building hardware underneath. Several years of experience from Navico Ltd as a radar and multi-functional display developer.

Magnus Tvete

High Speed Vessel Specialist 

A passionate sailor and boater, holding a MSc in Marine Hydrodynamics and a MSc in sailing yacht design and small craft. Magnus has vast experience within the high-speed vessel segment.

Luca Valsecchi

Software Developer

Holds a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering and has vast experience with software development and dynamic simulation from the America's Cup. 




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