Making a boat fly efficiently and safe while being easy to operate is a complex task. We develop a complete hydrofoil system, as in everything that makes a boat fly, except for the boat itself. Our system enables manufacturers to focus on what they do best, building boats, whereas we make them fly.

The Lift Ocean hydrofoil system consists of the main foil placed at the boat’s center of gravity, a rear foil for balance, multiple sensors, and a flight control system (hardware and software). We can also offer the propulsion driveline, including the energy source, in close collaboration with key partners.

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Key sub-systems of the Lift Ocean hydrofoil system

1. Main foil

The main foil is placed near the boat’s centre of gravity and carries most the weight, typically 90-99%. It can be compared to the wings on an airplane. 

2. Flight Control System

The flight control system (hardware and software) controls the foils to ensure an efficient, smooth and safe flight. You drive the boat as any normal boat, our flight control system takes care of the flying.

3. Rear foil

The rear foil is placed in the boat's aft section and carries a small portion of the total weight, typically 10-1%. Its primary function is to control the boat's pitch and can be compared to the tail wing of an airplane.

4. Sensors

The flight control system gathers and uses data from several sensors to control the boat and ensure an efficient, smooth, and safe flight.

5. Energy source (integration)

We can accommodate different energy sources such as batteries, hydrogen, ammonia, or hybrid solutions in collaboration with key partners. Our primary focus is currently the use of battery solutions.

6. Propulsion (integration)

The propulsion system produces the required thrust to push the boat forward. We can accommodate several solutions in collaboration with key partners. Our primary focus is currently using electric engines and an extended drive or a pod. 



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